Research Overview

Humans have an amazing ability to make use of technologies to modify their own organization, actions and behaviours. We explore the importance of culturally embedded technologies such as rituals, masquerade, meditation, writing and reading, as well as material artefacts, for extending and altering mental states, means of conceptualization and social identities.


The Velux core research group Technologies of the Mind takes a unique approach: firmly anchored in the humanities, working in a general framework of situated cognition and inspired by studies of science and technology, we study distinct and identifiable human practices that allow for people to act, think and perceive differently, individually as well as jointly. We argue that such practices effectively become technologies of the mind as they, like other technologies, change both the world humans live in and the way they live in it.

We have organized the research in a matrix structure that combines five thematic Work Packages and five intersecting research projects (RP).