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25-26 June 2012

Objects in Mind. The first Aarhus-Paris Conference in Social Ontology and Cognition. A ?Cooperation ?of ?MindLab,? (Aarhus? University) and NESSHI.

See Objects in Mind poster.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Christopher Frith (All Souls College, Oxford)
  • Ruth Millikan (University of Connecticut)
  • John R. Searle (University of California at Berkeley)

Registration and further information about Objects in Mind.

24-25 May 2012

Neurophenomenology 2.0

Workshop at Aarhus University, exporing first, second and third person perspectives. Read more about the Neurophenomenolgy workshop.

11-12 May 2011

Methods and Research Design: how to study technologies of the mind?

Techne Workshop with presentations by Shaun Gallagher and Rita Astuti.


25 january 2012

Techne researcher Dimitris Xygalatas is doing fieldwork in Mauritius.

01 January 2012

Techne researcher Dimitris Xygalatas joins the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion (LEVYNA) as co-Director and Associate Profossor at the Department for the Study of Religion, Masaryk University.

 15 September 2011
Techne researcher Dimitris Xygalatas makes an appearance on the Daily Planet show for the Discovery Channel, discussing the fire-walking study (published here and here).

"Quantifying collective effervescence: Heart-rate dynamics at a fire-walking ritual" by Techne researchers Dimitris XygalatasAndreas Roepstorff and Joseph Bulbulia published in Communicative and Integrative BiologyRead the article here.

1 August 2011
Techne researcher Mette Steenberg was appointed honorary fellow at the School of The Arts at University of Liverpool.

 12 July 2011

Andreas Roepstorff gives an interview to Kristeligt Dagblad on technologies of the mind. Read the article here.

2 May 2011
Read our newly published PNAS article, "Synchronized arousal between performers and related spectators in a fire-walking ritual"

 27 March 2011
"Ethnography, Historiography, and the Making of History in the Tradition of the Anastenaria" by Techne researcher Dimitris Xygalatas published in History & AnthropologyRead the article here.

23 March 2011
DR article on "Shared Reading," featuring Techne researcher and Reading Association founder Mette Steenberg. Read more about the Reading Association, Laeseforeningen.

1 March 2011
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